R2678-240 The Chicago Convention

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IT HAS BEEN found necessary to change our Convention dates to one week earlier than announced in our last issue. All arrangements are now complete as follows:—

RAIL ROAD RATES, ETC. We are taking advantage of the extremely low rail road rates granted to the “G.A.R. Encampment,” but open to everybody: so Excursion Tickets for the “G.A.R. Encampment,” (and not for our Convention), should be called for. Make full inquiry of your R.R. ticket agent in advance, respecting date when he will have these cheap tickets on sale.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS. The Chicago brethren assure us that they have made very complete arrangements for our entertainment, at reasonable rates.

“Hotel Grace,” Cor. Clark St. and Jackson Boulevard has been secured for headquarters. It is centrally located—within walking distance of all depots. A number of comfortable apartments have been secured at 50 cents per night each person—two in a bed: a few choicest rooms 75 cents each person. State which you desire reserved for you.

Restaurants are numerous in the vicinity of the hotel and hall. Plain meals can be had at from fifteen cents upward.

THE CONVENTION HALL. The committee has secured the use of “The People’s Institute,” corner of Van Buren and Leavitt Streets. It is commodious—probably quite beyond our needs—having a seating capacity of eighteen hundred. It is about 30 minutes ride from our hotel headquarters, and may be reached by the Garfield Park train on the Metropolitan Elevated Road: Get off at Hoyne Station. Or take the Van Buren Street car to Leavitt Street, or the Leavitt Street Car to Van Buren St.

BAPTISM SERVICE. Arrangements for baptism—robes, towels, etc., are complete; so that any desiring thus to symbolize their consecration can be accommodated on Monday afternoon, August 27.

WRITE US FOR PARTICULARS, as soon as you decide that you can attend, and have learned when your train will reach Chicago. Make your letter brief and to the point; thus for instance: “Our party will consist of six—two males and two females single, and one married couple. We expect to reach Chicago at 11 o’clock A.M. August 25, via Chicago and Northwestern R.R. We desire the fifty cent lodgings.” Mention names.

COMMITTEE OF RECEPTION of Chicago Church will, so far as possible, meet the friends at depots on arrival of trains indicated—at the door of the Ladies’ Waiting Room. Each may recognize the other by seeing a WATCH TOWER in his hand. However, should you for any reason fail to meet one of the committee, you can easily find a lunch room, and then “Hotel Grace” or the Convention Hall, at the addresses above given.


All who trust in the “precious blood” as man’s atonement price are cordially invited. We anticipate a large attendance, and urge that all who come shall seek to bring with him the Lord’s blessing, that all in attendance may be blessed and that the influence of the Convention may be far-reaching for good to the Lord’s flock and to the Chief Shepherd’s praise.


— August 1, 1900 —