R2641-168 Philadelphia Convention, June 16-18

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SHORT NOTICE is not always a disadvantage, and we trust will not be in this instance. Arrangements for the Philadelphia convention had not been completed when our last issue went to press. The above date gives us the advantage of the low rates granted by all railroads to the Republican party convention,—namely one fare for the round trip from all directions. The season of the year is very favorable and we anticipate a large attendance.

The convention will be held under the auspices of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. The Church at Philadelphia, our hosts or entertainers for the occasion, have made bountiful arrangements as follows:—

(1) St. George’s Hall, corner of 13th and Arch sts., has been secured for the use of the Convention. It is one of the finest halls in Philadelphia.

(2) The Lincoln Hotel, No. 1222 Locust St., has been engaged upon moderate terms for the class of accommodation, namely one dollar a day each person for lodgings. Meals can be had at various restaurants in that vicinity at fifteen cents and upward. It will be safe for those of limited means to reckon expenses at two dollars per day, for the hotel and Convention hall are very centrally located near to depots and little street car fare need be expended.

(3) The Convention will open Saturday morning, June 16. The forenoon will be devoted to meeting arriving friends, getting acquainted, etc. On that morning representatives of the Philadelphia Church will be at the various railway depots to meet arriving friends, who will be expected to identify themselves by displaying conspicuously the front page of a WATCH TOWER. Should any fail to be identified they will have no difficulty in finding St. George’s Hall as above, and there a Reception Committee (recognizable by a silk badge) will look out for their welfare.

(4) Any of the friends who can attend, but who cannot afford more than one dollar a day expense during their stay, will be assisted by others more able, out of a fund already provided: and any who cannot afford the modest sum of one dollar per day, if they can arrange their railway fare will be provided for gratis. Come, all who can, who have the Lord’s spirit and who seek more of it. The assembling of ourselves together for the consideration of our Father’s Word will surely bring a blessing as he has promised.

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(5) When purchasing your ticket, ask for—”Excursion ticket to Republican Convention at Philadelphia.” The railroad people assure us that such tickets will be satisfactory to them.

(6) Decide about your going as speedily as possible, and if you decide to attend, at once address,—“Reception Committee,” P.O. Box No. 3084, Philadelphia, Pa., stating by what road you will travel, and if possible the hour of your train’s arrival on Saturday morning or afternoon. The Convention Program will be announced at its first session and posted up for reference. We cannot now announce the speakers, but among them, D.V., will be Brother Randle (formerly a missionary in China) and the Editor of this Journal.

(7) An opportunity will be afforded (Monday

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afternoon, June 18th) for any confessing baptism into Christ’s death to symbolize this in water baptism. Robes and towels will be provided, and the service will be preceded by a discourse defining and explaining Baptism and its import.

(8) No collections will be taken up, nor other solicitations for money made. Our assemblings are for spiritual refreshment and for the acquirement of heavenly riches for all.

(9) Only Christians, who trust in Christ as the “ransom for all,” are invited to this convention. It is hoped and earnestly requested that all such who come will seek preparation of heart for a blessing—hunger and thirst after righteousness, truth, purity, holiness; and all who come humbly in this condition will surely not only get a blessing, but also bestow blessings upon others. To these desirable ends let us each make the Convention and our own association therein a subject of prayer. We bespeak for it also the prayers of all of the Lord’s consecrated people who cannot attend: and thus they will no doubt participate in the blessings.

Other Conventions for this season will be as follows:—At Chicago, about Sept. 1st; at Dallas, Texas, Sept. 29th, 30th and October 1st. Particulars respecting the last two, will appear later.


— June 1, 1900 —