R2630-134 Poem: Only A Few More Years

::R2630 : page 134::



Only a few more years to learn our part,
Just a few more miles the race to run;
So gather courage fresh, O fainting heart!
O weary “feet,” thy journey soon is done.

Only a few more months, but full of toil,
For in the “field” are hungry souls to feed,
Then struggle on O weary, burdened one!
For thou shalt find a strength in time of need.

Only a few more days to fill with love—
Love for all God’s creatures, friend and foe,
Love which shall cover every human fault,
And bring a balm for every earthly woe.

Only a few more hours, we know, for some,
Who in this life have fought a goodly fight;
Henceforth for them remains a glorious crown,
A rest within the radius of God’s light.

Only a few more days of willing sacrifice,
Of patient standing when our work is done;
Soon in His radiant presence we’ll rejoice,
And praise him in our everlasting home.


— May 1, 1900 —