R2578-53 “This Charge I Commit Unto Thee, Son Timothy”

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—1 TIMOTHY 1:18.—

MORE than a year ago we intimated a desire to do something more than has been hitherto attempted to assist God’s dear “sheep” in Great Britain and Ireland to hear the great Shepherd’s voice and thus to be led into the green pastures of present truth. Our thought was to send over one of the “Pilgrim” brethren, but the Lord’s providence did not seem to open the way for it, and instead Brother Hemmery, already there, was started as a “Pilgrim,” and we believe with beneficial results, for which the Lord be praised.

Still we are not satisfied that all is being done there that could be done, and since our last annual report we have been seeking to know the mind of the Lord respecting the great increase of his work in the spread of the “harvest” message, which we believe we may reasonably expect in the next few years. While we expect that most of the increase will as usual be in this land, specially prepared and specially favored and favorable, it seems to us that the thirty-five millions of Britain for several reasons deserve special consideration and special effort. (1) Because of our unity of language and religious ideals. (2) Because of the prevalence of a religious sentiment among the masses. (3) Because we have reason to hope that the present lamentable war is not only awakening the people, as wars always seem to do, but additionally because some of the reverses met with may prove to be blessings by bringing to the people a larger degree of humility and specially causing the religious to ponder over the evidences we present respecting the completion of the “elect” church and the speedy inauguration of the Millennial reign of righteousness. (4) Because so large a population of one tongue being within comparatively so small a space should make efforts there doubly effective of results, all other considerations being equal.

Accordingly we have planned, and from the first of the year have been arranging to send to Great Britain a representative to look the field over, with a view to the establishment of a branch office in London from whence that whitening field could be more thoroughly harvested. The proposition is, that the “Colporteur” work, the “Volunteer” work and the “Pilgrim” work could be much better carried on there from such a home office and by one thoroughly familiar with the methods the Chief Reaper has been pleased to bless here. True all these branches have already been started in Great Britain, but none of them work as smoothly and efficiently as we believe they will operate under the proposed plan. Many, we believe, hesitate to order tracts, papers, and books because of the distance, difference in money, etc.

The next question naturally was, to whom shall so important a mission be entrusted? And the question, under the requested guidance of our Lord, seems to be satisfactorily answered. With his hearty consent we have chosen our dear Brother Henninges, in whose efficiency for this service we have fullest confidence and who has given many proofs of his loyalty to the Lord and his cause, and of whose full consecration of heart to the Lord we have no doubt. He has had personal experience in all departments of the work for the past eight years—the last seven of which he has spent in the Watch Tower office and as a member of the Watch Tower family, whose “table talks” are in the nature of Bible schools.

We could not send you, dear British brethren, anyone in our judgment better qualified to assist you in carrying on the work we all so dearly love to serve. We trust that you will welcome him heartily and co-operate with him to the extent of your judgments and opportunities. We shall greatly miss him here, but will feel a pleasure in sacrificing our own conveniences for your sakes—that the grace of our Lord may abound toward many who have not yet

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“tasted that the Lord is gracious.” May he always abound as at present in the knowledge of the truth and in its spirit of love for the Lord.

We have been in correspondence with the British Postmaster General and find that the postal rates and terms are less favorable there than we had expected—less favorable than ours; but having gone thus far we are not yet discouraged—hoping for some good results from a personal inspection of the field anyway. Brother Henninges will go direct to London, view the situation and write us,—meantime awaiting our reply, he will make a “Pilgrim” visit to various cities and towns where already there are little gatherings of Watch Tower readers; and this alone we believe will justify, should the London “branch” proposition prove to be infeasible.

Of course, Sister Henninges will accompany her husband, not only as his natural help-mate, but as his helper in the Lord’s work. We commend our dear sister very highly to you all as a very earnest and faithful child of God and servant of his cause; full of the spirit of self-sacrifice, and firm for every principle of righteousness as she discerns it. Sister Henninges has been a member of the Watch Tower family for twelve years, joining in the office work with her brother when quite young. May God’s blessing continue with both these dear members of our family, making them blessings in various ways to the household of faith across the great deep.


— February 15, 1900 —