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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I wish to thank you for Vol. V. of M. DAWN, for it has been a great help to me in clearing up many dark points; it has been to me indeed “meat in due season,” and it is just what I wish to place in the hands of my friends and neighbors. There are now quite a number here who have read M.D. who are more or less interested, but so far I could not find any one who has come fully into the truth, and I have been thinking that perhaps if you could send a “Pilgrim” brother here for a few days some time this winter to present the truth orally to such as are interested much good could be done. I have the Mission hall promised me for this purpose, as I have succeeded in interesting the man who keeps this Mission at his own expense, and all he wants is two or three weeks’ notice as to when I want the hall. He is a very liberal minded Christian who, I believe, will be open to the truth if only he could be brought to investigate it, but his time is so completely taken up by Prohibition, the “salvation of souls” and social reform movements that he finds no time. Now if you find it expedient to send a brother I will gladly receive him into my home and make all necessary arrangements about meetings and invite all interested ones to attend; we could hold at least one public evening-meeting a day and one in the afternoon for such as are interested.

I would also like to have some extra copies of the TOWER for distribution among such of the friends as are interested in the truth, who have read M. DAWN, to see if I cannot get some of them to subscribe for it, because I know from my own experience how very helpful it is. I would not be without it for ten times its subscription price. The publication of your discourse, “Which is the True Gospel?” has given me much pleasure, as it was impossible for me to attend either the Indianapolis or St. Louis Conventions, which was a great disappointment to me.

Your discourse is very logical, a clear statement of facts, and would, I believe, make an excellent tract. I thank the Lord for giving me a small share in his harvest work; I would like to devote all my time and means to that glorious work, but as my family has a prior claim I will do what I can, knowing that the Lord sees my intention and willingness and accepts it. It is now a year since I gave myself fully to the Lord who bought me with his precious blood, and looking back over the year I can see his tender mercy in his leadings, and how he has kept me and revealed to me the hidden depths of my heart. His grace is sufficient at all times, and I have full confidence in him that he will continue and finish the good work which he has so graciously begun in me. I realize more than ever my own unworthiness and inability to do anything good in my own strength. May he also continue to bless and preserve you is my prayer.

Your brother in Christ,

C. L. BAUER,—Indiana.

DEAR MR. RUSSELL:—I have just received enclosed card (saying that my subscription is in arrears) and deeply regret I am not able to send my subscription for the TOWER this month, but I think it is very probable I can remit before the end of next month.

As I read the remark of the card that I “cannot afford to miss the TOWER teachings if interested,” I thought how little do the TOWER friends know of what these teachings are to me, or they would never have put it so mildly.

To me they are a part of my very life, inasmuch as they have opened up the Scriptures to me in a marvelously new light; to me they have revealed God as my Father, Jesus as my Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as an ever present Guide in a manner hitherto undreamed of; for me they have shined with dazzling brightness upon the very darkest moments of my life; for me they are meat and drink, an all engrossing theme, and will be until the everlasting blessedness is mine, “partaker of the Divine Nature.” I cannot explain it but the very thought of such a transformation while it humbles one to the very dust, exalts as if on angels’ wings. Oh no! I cannot afford to do without the TOWER teachings, for through them “I have seen his face, and souls that once have looked upon their Lord, must die or look again.” Just now I am feasting on “Our Lord’s Return.” What can be more convincing, more sublime, or more elevating than “The Parousia!” May His wealth of glorious goodness, love, wisdom and power be showered upon you and yours!

Yours, ever gratefully,



— January 15, 1900 —