R2475-132 Poem: A Visit To The Heavenly Court

::R2475 : page 132::



Come, dear saints, and let us visit at the court of heavenly grace,
For Jehovah deigns a welcome to prepare.
He has bid us leave our earth-cares for the pleasures of his face,
And recruit in Heav’n’s salubrious atmosphere.

He has spread a “feast of fat things” that will tempt our appetites.
O the daintiness and richness of his fare!
He will cheer our drooping spirits with the vintage that delights
Every honored guest his benefits to share.

::R2476 : page 132::

Let us lay aside our burdens, and our sorrows leave behind,
While we hasten to that glory-lighted scene;
Let us purge our hearts of evil, and put on the willing mind,
Lest our eyes be holden by a veil between.

Clad in spotless robes of righteousness, by faith received and kept,
We may safely pass stern Justice’ sentry-post;
While our Guide-book, studied carefully, will make us all adept
In the customs and requirements of our Host.

By his grace brought nigh, and joying in his countenance of light,
We may greet the loving Father face to face;
We may learn the hidden mysteries of wisdom, love and might,
Proving the “exceeding riches” of his grace.

With his signet in our foreheads we may wander leisurely
Through the palace gardens, by the river Peace;
We may scale the heights of Happiness, and overlook the sea
Of Content, whose grateful murmurs never cease.

We may saunter through the orchards where the Spirit’s fruits are ripe,
Plucking hope and love and kindness as we go;
And their fine, delicious flavors from our memories shall wipe
Every trace of bitterness and earthly woe.

We may change our weariness to vigor and perennial youth,
At the living fountains near the palace-door;
And with newborn energy and zeal explore the mines of truth,
Adding gem on gem of knowledge to our store.

And the feast of his providing! Who can tell, without a taste,
What shall charm our palates at that episode?
Come, dear saints, and visit long and often! Come with seemly haste!
For the King says “Welcome” to his high abode. —R. B. H.


— June 1, 1899 —