R2367-304 Poem: “Good For Those Who Love God”

::R2367 : page 304::


“They tell us that in Pisa’s old cathedral
All noises, harsh and loud—
Grating of ponderous doors, shrill tones, the tramping
And murmur of the crowd—
Are caught up, softened, harmonized and blended
Within the lofty dome;
Then echoed back in one great wave of music,
Sweet as a dream of home.

“So all the harsh notes in life’s mingled music:
The burden and the woe;
The stroke that almost snaps the quivering heartstrings,
The loss that grieves us so;
In heaven’s o’er-arching dome of perfect wisdom,
Power and love, shall be
Gathered and blended in divinest marvel
Of matchless melody. —M. L. UPTON


— October 15, 1898 —