R2297-153 Poem: Grow In Love, As Well As In Knowledge

::R2297 : page 153::


“Knowledge puffeth up, but Love edifieth.”—1 Cor. 8:1.

How blest this day the prophets were foretelling,
When truth should speak and knowledge be increased;
The signs are all about, our faith compelling,
That days of waiting for the Lord have ceased.
The saints are in their foreheads sealed,
The hidden mystery revealed.
Knowing what other ages did not see,
How full of humble love our hearts should be!

The mystery and knowledge understanding,
We still need love—”the bond of perfectness.”
Tho tongues of men or angels now commanding,
They teach and speak not with effectiveness
Unless pure love to God dictates
And all the being permeates.
Without this love, God says, all words shall pass
Like tinkling cymbals or like sounding brass.

While, by God’s will, in knowledge we keep growing,
Keep in the love of God which death defies;
Knowledge puffs up except the love be glowing,—
In humbleness of mind love edifies.
Love is long-suffering and kind,
Love seeketh not her own to find.
The mind through all God’s Word this truth descries:
Mere knowledge puffeth up; Love edifies.


— May 15, 1898 —