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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I have just returned from the trip to San Jose, and I assure you there has been no time lost. I have been greatly blessed in meeting those in the truth all round. I am blessed and more satisfied with and in the work all the time, and tho the opponents get bolder and more numerous, it only forwards me on stronger in the work, while I look at the things that are not seen—except to the eye of faith—which are eternal.

If I have kept the right account in the last 33 months, I have worked in 72 towns, traveled with the horse and rig 8,000 miles, made 18,000 calls, given away 40,000 tracts, sold 4,500 DAWNS, taken 125 TOWER subscriptions, met 400 interested ones, and baptized 24. I know forty who have come into the truth and are now helping to spread it. Those who have come out are all the way from preachers to infidels. This is encouraging, tho I should have done better, and trust I will from this on.

In Christian love, I am your colaborer in the harvest work of our King. O. A. FLOREY.

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New York

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I write to tell you of the most blessed time we had during Brother Draper’s visit to us. His talks and his fine Christian character impressed us very much, and we want to express our gratitude for the helpful occasion. He has a remarkable talent for presenting the truth; so easy do the words flow and so forceful, that they impress the candid hearer. He spoke Saturday evening at Troy and Sunday morning at my home to sixteen of us on the “Narrow Way,” and in the evening on the upper features of the chart to about twenty-five, mostly interested ones. The talks did me much good, as I learned how to arrange the talks, and will make use of his plan when I have occasion to speak in public. A number of us expect to go to Albany to hear him again on Wednesday evening at Bro. Fletcher’s home.

I would say that our little church here is progressing on the way, daily striving to put down the old man and endeavoring to build up the new man.

There is a fair in progress in the Catholic church here, and a few days ago the priest gave it out that every merchant had given a present to the fair, except one (myself), and forbade his people trading with me. Of course I know that the dear Lord has not promised us temporal prosperity, so if this affects me, why, the Lord knows what is best for development of character. I count it all glory to suffer even a little for the truth’s sake.

I want to express myself in regard to the work that Bro. Draper is doing. I think it is one of the best opportunities to help on the cause, and I almost envy the dear Brother the great blessing he must get in going around and meeting and helping the friends. What a joy his must be.

Your brother in the most blessed truth,


New York


has been widely read in our village of 2,200 inhabitants and five “orthodox” churches and is bearing some fruit, greatly to the worry of the “Scribes and Pharisees.” About twenty who have been indoctrinated into present truth from four of the churches have meetings every Sabbath morning and Tuesday evening, and the spirit of the dear Lord is with us in a marked degree. We were once very influential in our different churches, but are now characterized as a “gang,” and by kindred epithets. But there is an increased reading of the DAWNS and Tracts, and much searching of the Scriptures on our account, and therein we do and will rejoice.

The WATCH TOWER increases in interest and usefulness, and I long for it more than for anything else in periodical literature I receive.

Fraternally, P. H. HULST, M.D.


— February 15, 1898 —