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DEAR SIR:—I received your valuable paper ZION’S WATCH TOWER this afternoon and I thank you very much. It made my heart glad. I love the glad tidings, though it is sometimes hard to apprehend it. In my 21 years of Christian experience I never heard of anything like it, until I saw the MILLENNIAL DAWN in our Sunday School library catalogue. Being hungry to learn about my Lord’s return I got it to read, and I have read it over and over again. It has greatly strengthened my faith in the Lord. I want to know more, so enclose one dollar for which please send me the three volumes of your book, and ZION’S WATCH TOWER for the next three months.

Respectfully yours,


New Jersey

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL: I have just returned from a little missionary tour. The Lord blessed me wonderfully, and I succeeded in making the truth plain to some very hungry individuals. Please send me some tracts—as many “Do You Know?” as you can spare, for it is the most wonderful tract that ever was printed. I distributed them everywhere I went.

You will see throughout eternity the good you have done by having the TOWER readers read Matt. 5:1-16, and 1 Cor. 13. They have borne me out in many difficulties, and pictured to full view so many of my shortcomings. Sister Neely wishes to be remembered to you and says she has been greatly helped by the Sunday morning reading, and has been able to overcome many things that overcame her in the past.

Your sister in Christ,


Rhode Island

DEAR SIRS:—I desire to express my thanks for the fourth volume of the DAWN series. I believe these books contain a wonderful unfolding of God’s great plan of the ages. The last issue is a most remarkable volume, and in its gathering together of the views held by some of the most eminent men of our day, in all the walks of life, touching the great crisis ahead, is a most valuable addition to the library of the student of latter day truth. May we meet the obligations which so much light entails upon us, and be ready to hail with joy the ushering in of the Millennial day, when the mystical body of Christ will be made complete and share with him his throne. Again let me thank you for your kindness in sending me the book.

Yours in the Master,


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DEAR FRIEND:—Your fourth volume of MILLENNIAL DAWN came duly to hand. I have just read it through the second time. Many books are not worth reading at all; others will bear reading but once; and some can be read with profit two or three times. There are others again that are indispensable as text books. Of the latter class is volume four of M. DAWN. It is indeed a rich storehouse of information that I believe can be found nowhere else in modern literature. It gives us a birdseye view of the present condition of the nations of the world—moral, political and financial—and also spreads out before our eyes the hopeless condition of modern nominal Christendom.

Many do admit that there will be great changes in the near future, but they are all to be of a pacific character. Babylon is fully equipped with men and money to convert the world. Her missionaries will soon be in all lands; the present nations of the world will soon be Christianized; all that is needed for this purpose is men and money. Your neighbor the Rev. I. W. Sproull, D.D., writes: Money, money, money! Give me the money and I will evangelize the world in three years. Mr. Sproull forgets that he is at the head of a foreign mission in Syria which has been in existence since the year 1850 at an expense to his church of about $15,000 per annum. And what is the result to-day? Not a single native teacher; but expensive mission buildings with high stone walls built around them for protection. These buildings are simply boarding houses for native children whom their parents allow the mission to feed and clothe until they get able to work; that is all. And the missionaries themselves admit that they could not stay in Syria a single day were it not for the protection of American war ships cruising in the Mediterranean sea. Here then we have an expenditure of about $600,000 on one little spot in Asia Minor with no result as yet. How much money would Mr. Sproull need to evangelize the heathen world in three years? We will not wait to count. Such a computation would be utterly beyond our reach. Does our reverend doctor really believe that the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom on this earth is a matter of dollars and cents, or that it is dependent on the contributions wrung out of a deluded people? So he writes—”Hundreds and thousands of the heathen are descending into everlasting torment every day—and their blood will be required of all those who refuse or neglect to support foreign missions.”

Yours respectfully,


[Many of the Lord’s people have been blessed in giving to missions, whatever the good to the heathen. An increase of light should not deprive us of the blessing of giving, but should guide us to the choice of the best ways and means, and redouble our zeal.—EDITOR.]


DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Seven years ago I was on the eve of infidelity, and had given up all hope, when I by chance came in possession of the first volume of DAWN. Since then I have read and re-read each volume as it has come out, and the last one I have just completed. Some of them I have gone through three times.

Do you want to know what the truth has done for me? At the time I was led into this marvelous light

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I was one of the worst cases of bedridden paralytics in town. I had become addicted to the morphine habit, and used sixty grains of the drug in one week; but by the grace of almighty God I have overcome the habit and have not touched it for over four years. I have been able to walk without crutches now for over two years. I have vowed to God to labor in the vineyard to the best of my ability.

Yours in Christian love,



— January 1, 1898 —