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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—My letters to you recently have been few and far between; but now thankfulness to our Lord and to you as his instrument for the good things of DAWN, VOL. IV., calls for a letter of recognition at least.

As with the other three volumes, it is as far as I can see in thorough harmony with the Scriptures. Chapters 1, 11, 12, 13 and 14 are grand—they impressed me especially. Chapters 2 and 3 are also splendid—and the testimony in the remaining portions of the book, from the press, etc., is wonderfully corroborative of Scripture. I suppose most all of the Lord’s people are like myself, especially interested in his Word: so while I think the statements of ministers, philosophers, statesmen, etc., in the DAWN will be very helpful to the Church, in fact almost invaluable, and were greatly appreciated by me, yet the greatest teachings and the lessons most enjoyed were such as “Our Lord’s Great Prophecy.” It always was a great prophecy to me, but now it has a greater meaning still. I am so thankful for a clear comprehension of that discourse of our Savior.

How many passages of Scripture make reference to this time of trouble, and yet how few we meet seem willing to believe it. They all admit we are in “dull times,” “things are bad,” etc.; but, as a gentleman said to me, “It is only like a point on a wheel, it is going down now, but soon it will start to go up, and we will have prosperous times till it passes the top again.” That voices the popular sentiment; they fail to see the length and severity of the trouble, neither do they know that this trouble ends creation’s groaning. Thank God for giving us light!

The Lord has still continued his blessings to us. I feel unworthy of them, and am trying to show my appreciation by using the opportunities and talents he gives me. Suffering for Christ is not yet unknown, neither is the accompanying grace. We love him more, know him better and trust we may ever continue to draw nearer to him who is our strength and shield, as well as our God and Father.

Yours in Christ’s service,



DEAR BROTHER:—Brother Houston and myself frequently call upon each other, and have much good fellowship in the truths of MILLENNIAL DAWN. Many a time I feel overjoyed and thankful to the Lord for the clear light which you so well show us on God’s own Word. My only regret is that being so busily occupied with my daily duties I am able to do so little in cooperation with Bro. H. to make known the truth. In this town, however, the views are fairly well known to most of the leaders in church matters, but their prejudice is great and their opposition most bitter. Be the truth ever so carefully set forth, and altho the vast importance of the gospel to this age be ever so strongly emphasized, any idea of future probation for the ignorant masses of the world at once sets up a strong prejudice, and we have to be careful that injury is not done to these precious truths in our hands. Bro. H. and myself feel more and more that the great thing is the personal living of the truths of DAWN. But oh! how we feel the littleness of all we can do, and how unworthy we are to be witnesses to the truth even in this limited degree.

Of Bro. H. I should not say that his work has been little. He has been able to make some very successful journeys in colporteuring DAWN, and has great power and fluency in declaring the glad tidings. Both of us take every opportunity in suitable conversation of bringing the truth under notice, and place tracts from time to time. At our Young Men’s Guild meetings I have had several opportunities of presenting the doctrine of the ransom in its true light, and a good many have been interested.

As an introduction to the truths of DAWN, I find it usually very efficacious to draw attention to the endless doctrinal contradictions in the so-called Orthodox creeds of the day. In correspondence, too, I am able to do a little in the way of getting friends interested, but I must say a vast amount of indifference to such things abounds on all hands. Bro. H. and I have talked of getting up a little “DAWN Circle for Bible Study,” and will see if it cannot possibly be managed judiciously this winter.

Before closing I must add that we are delighted to see that VOL. IV. of MILLENNIAL DAWN is now out, and pray that our Lord’s blessing may follow every copy, and be the means of turning many from darkness to the marvelous light.

I remain, your brother in the faith of our great Ransomer,



DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—The last TOWER came to hand in due course, and is very welcome after its vacation. “The Day of Vengeance” was, you say in the preface, partially a review, but its order, and putting affairs so plainly and compactly, is a great service to those older in the truth, while making it particularly timely and valuable to those more recently coming to a consideration of these things.

The spirit of the last TOWER is especially refreshing and edifying. Oh! that we all might be so thoroughly in the Vine that his spirit only would control us, rooting out all variance, emulation, strife, and everything contrary to this blessed spirit of the truth, that all might more and more be transformed into the likeness and character of him who bought us with his own precious blood.

I send you this word of fellowship and greeting, praying a continuance of divine favor on you and all your associates, to whom I send greeting.

Yours in the Redeemer,


Pittsburg, Pa.

“The fourth volume of the MILLENNIAL DAWN series, issued under the ominous title of ‘The Day of Vengeance,’ certainly takes in a very wide field, as it gives an extensive collection of facts and figures relating to almost every phase of social, political, financial and religious matters, as they bear upon the present situation. Nor are these dryly stated; on the contrary, they are introduced in such a manner as to fascinate every reader who is at all interested in the consideration of the wonderful events of ‘our day.'”—Pittsburg Press.


— December 15, 1897 —