R2021-193 Poem: What Would Jesus Do?

::R2021 : page 193::



When the morning paints the skies,
And the birds their songs renew,
Let me from my slumbers rise,
Saying, “What would Jesus do?”

Countless mercies from above
Day by day my pathway strew;
Is it much to bless thy love?
Father, “What would Jesus do?”

When I ply my daily task,
And the round of toil pursue,
Let me often brightly ask,
“What, my soul, would Jesus do?”

Would the foe my heart beguile,
Whispering thoughts and words untrue?
Let me to his subtlest wile
Answer, “What would Jesus do?”

When the clouds of sorrow hide
Mirth and music from my view,
Let me, clinging to thy side,
Ponder, “What would Jesus do?”

Only let thy love, O God,
Fill my spirit through and through;
Treading where my Savior trod,
Breathing, “What would Jesus do?”


— August 15, 1896 —