R1940-35 Encouraging Words From Faithful Workers

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New York

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I arrived home a few days ago, and I think you will be interested to hear my general experience in the colporteur work, and what my future intentions are. I am willing to go wherever the Lord wishes, for he knows where the most good can be accomplished; and I am taking it to him in prayer, that he will guide and direct me.

In reviewing the last few months, I must acknowledge that the Lord has wonderfully watched over and blessed me in this great harvest work, and I thank him that he has counted me worthy to labor in his vineyard. I must confess that I am very weak and can do nothing of myself; but if I put my trust fully in the Lord, and do the work through him to glorify his name, I have the assurance that he will not forsake me. Whatever talent he has given me, if it be only one, I want to use it to win others; for I know the Lord’s words are true, that if a person does not work with the one talent he has, he will certainly not have others given to him, and the only one he has will also finally be taken away.

In less than four months I have put out about 700 DAWNS, and I hope that through them some may come to the knowledge of the truth. I think myself that, as you remarked in your letter, a great many true Christians are still in the nominal churches, and it seems to me that (by such at least) the truth will be more appreciated in the future, because I have found a great many whose hunger cannot be satisfied there, and who are looking for the truth.

Enclosed you will find Twenty Dollars, not to add to my account, but to use for the spread of the truth wherever you think it will accomplish the most good. As I have said before, I did not engage in the work to make money, and this is about what I made over and above my expenses.

Wishing that the Lord may spare you, and use you to bring these glad tidings (which shall in due time be to all people) to a great many more, I remain, in Christ our Redeemer, your brother, F. KNAUSS.



DEAR BROTHER:—I heartily approve of the sentiments expressed in TOWER of Nov. 15. The Church question is one of great importance, and the term “church” needs to be clearly defined. Satan endeavors to take Christians the full swing of the pendulum; i.e., from the chains of sects to the license of “comeoutism.”

One of the worst weapons which the sects have used against us is that we were “comeouters.” A sort of stigma attaches to that name, because of the actions of the real “comeouters;” and when it is applied to us it does great damage to the cause of the truth. My influence was hurt in this locality by the report becoming current that I was a “comeouter,” and I was under the necessity of publicly disavowing any connection with them.

I am fully convinced that sectarianism is sin, so much so that I would stand alone forever, before I would knowingly join any sect. But I am just as fully convinced that “comeoutism,” as it finds expression in many, is the

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other swing of the pendulum, and that the church is not an incongruous mass of irresponsible nondescripts. The New Testament Church is a New Testament reality, and occupies the golden mean betwixt the two extremes.

But I can give a hearty “amen” to all you say in the Nov. 15 issue. It will do a great deal of good, and will help to remove the distrust with which we are viewed. God bless you and guide you! I know, as you say, that the time is short; but not too short in which to be right. God expects us to be right, to make plain paths for our feet, lest the lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be healed.

I thank God that Millennial truths are finding some lodgment in this neighborhood. I thank God daily that he has given wife and myself this “hearing ear.” Like the Psalmist, we have set the Lord always before us; and when we go to God, it is always by the way of the cross.

We pray much for you, that he will keep you unchangeably loyal to the truth. The position you occupy demands it for the glory of his name.

Pray for us. R. F. CROOKS.


British Columbia

DEAR SIR:—I regret my last contribution to ZION’S WATCH TOWER having been so long ago, and also that during the interval my reading of your periodical publications has been interrupted much more than I would have wished. My interest in your writings continues unabated—recognizing, as I do, your acquaintance with the whole Bible, and rare power in explaining in simple language its spirit and meaning. May your labors, and those of all other faithful workers in his vineyard, be abundantly blessed by God.

Will you pardon me if I hint (from the best motives but with great diffidence) my fear that some of your correspondents, whose letters I see in the TOWER, may be in danger of deceiving themselves by assuming, on insufficient grounds, that their salvation is sure. Good works (for example those of colporteurs and others, in commending and circulating the Word of God) are of course meritorious; but this of itself cannot warrant the firm confidence with which not a few of the correspondents appear to me content to rely on efforts of their own.

Can it be possible that your theology—with all its grand views of what Christ has done and suffered to redeem sinners—still has in it something relaxing, upon which poor, erring human nature may be deluding itself? I hope you quite understand that my remarks are made in all charity. I have no wish to be, nor to appear as, an accuser in any sense.

Yours very truly, __________

[IN REPLY:—We fully agree, dear Brother, that none have cause for boasting except in and through Christ. But we do believe that those who are true branches in the “true Vine” should know of this union with Christ, and should be able to “glory in the Lord,” with a “full assurance of faith,” “nothing doubting;” realizing that “he who hath begun a good work [in them] is able to complete it.” So far as we know the brethren whose letters we publish, they rejoice in the grace of God in Christ through the redemption and the remission of sins.

“How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in his excellent Word!
What more can he say than to you he hath said?
You, who unto Jesus for refuge have fled.”




DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—The Lord has specially blessed my efforts of late in selling DAWNS during morning, noon and evening hours. Sold 11 volumes last Friday, 16 Saturday, 10 yesterday. This morning I took an order for a set, and this noon I went to a sash and door factory and got orders for 32 volumes; and several more may buy when I deliver, next week.

I see more clearly now than ever before the race we are running for the glorious high calling in Christ, and that each and every day shall tell whether we are among the overcomers or not. I realize more than ever before the great privilege which God in his infinite mercy has conferred upon us, a few, a small band, to give us his unadulterated gospel, and how glad we ought to be to run and do the Master’s will, when we know what it is, and that it is so glorious towards all men, and that the days are evil. As the Apostle says, “We must buy it,” or “Let us purchase the acceptable time, as the days are evil.” (Norwegian trans.) I clearly see, that we, who have once voluntarily offered ourselves a living, holy sacrifice to do God’s will only, henceforth and forever, are passed through the Adamic death, and if we wilfully sin, and count the blood of Jesus Christ, with which we were sanctified, a common thing, “there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,” and we certainly would be unfit to live on any plane. But, blessed be God! he judgeth our hearts, and if we will walk humbly by faith, God’s Word shall truly light us home. God shall be our strength and our refuge; and if we abide under the shadow of his mighty wing, nothing shall tear us away. But it behooves us to be watchful, and faithful unto death, as only the faithful will receive the crown. Since we have been made free indeed, we feel the power of the devil and his unseen host trying every way to retard our progress; but, blessed be God! “We overcome in all things through Christ who strengtheneth us.”

Yours in the race, M. P. THORI.



DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I enclose a few clippings. As the N.Y. World admits a great many interesting articles on religious subjects, why not take advantage of its world-wide reputation and liberality to spread the truth? There were several articles lately on the missionary question that put the orthodox people in a “box.” It has always seemed strange to me that more of the DAWN people do not write in the public press, where I see all shades of opinions represented, but rarely see any reference to the DAWNS or the truths taught in them.

Wishing you all the Lord’s continued blessing,

Yours in the faith, W. A. WHITCOMB.

[We commend this suggestion to all who have the talent to express the truth wisely, kindly, fluently and pointedly. We are glad to say that several Brethren are active in such directions. They usually send us the papers containing their articles, which often contain some reference to MILLENNIAL DAWN, or a quotation from it, and close with a promise to send reading matter free, and the writer’s address. The securing of the addresses of the interested is very important, for you cannot hope to thoroughly convince any one by a short article or two. We are glad to cooperate by furnishing and mailing tracts, etc., to all the addresses you can send us. Let the light shine out in every way that you can.—EDITOR.]


— February 15, 1896 —