R1325-128 General Information

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When you change your address, state where from, as well as where to.

If needful to write a second time about any order, give date of previous order, how money was sent and full particulars.

The price of this journal was advanced to 60 cents a year, last January, when it assumed the present form. The additional charge does not cover the additional expense.

The offer of the MILLENNIAL DAWN in paper covers at 15 cents to those who give a portion of their time in helping to circulate it has heretofore been made only to those who purchased as many as ten copies of any single volume at one order. We have many inquiries for smaller quantities, however, and have decided that hereafter we will supply as few as five copies of any one of the three volumes in paper covers at colporteur’s rate, 15 cents each, five for 75 cents.

Please do not ask us to deviate from this rule. We must have system to avoid waste of valuable time. If you want more than five of a kind take ten; if more, then take twenty, thirty or forty. Remember that the books for colporteurs are put up in packs of fives, tens and twenties.


— September, 1891 —