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Sample copies of OLD THEOLOGY TRACTS, No. I. of the series, have been sent to all the TOWER readers. These will be issued quarterly, beginning with April 1889. Our first edition of No. I. was 10,000 and was quickly exhausted; now 50,000 more of the same are at your service. We are ready to do our part to make the edition a million, and if each steward of time and money and influence among us will do what he can, we believe it will not be long before the Old Theology, older than Romanism or any other ism—the theology of our Lord and the apostles—will be much more clearly understood than at present.

Study over the matter, and decide how many you can subscribe for and use each quarter, at the very low rates mentioned on second page of Tract No. I. Some write that they can take a larger quantity, if permitted to send the subscription price in quarterly instalments, instead of sending for the entire year at once, and ask if this will be agreeable to us, or whether it will cause too much trouble. We answer, Do whichever way you can accomplish the greatest results. We gladly take any extra labor that will honor our great Redeemer’s name and help set free God’s saints still held in error’s bondage in Babylon.

Some of the saints are very enthusiastic in regard to these Tracts. Bro. Weber insists that they will be the shower of hail mentioned by the Prophet Isaiah. (Chap. 28:17.) As heretofore shown, water is a symbol of truth; hence hail is a symbol of crystalized and purified truths. May the Lord grant that these old theology hail-stones may in many cases be successful in exposing and sweeping away the refuges of error, and thus in liberating the minds of many of God’s true children, who shall be in trouble until made to understand the true doctrine, the old theology. See marginal reading of Isa. 28:19: “report” should be translated “doctrine.”

Let us who are of the “Day,” and who realize that we are in the dawn, not pattern after the worldly, and be asleep to things spiritual and absorbed and overcharged with worldly aims or pleasures or business; but let us make the spread of the truth the main business of life, to which all other business will be but servant and contributor. As an illustration

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of keenness in the spiritual work, worthy of emulation, we note the following circumstance:—

Rev. Dr. Henson of Chicago preached recently on the subject of Eternal Torture, and his sermon, which pictured vividly the everlasting agonies of those who die without becoming saints, was published in the Chicago papers the following Monday; and by the following Sunday two of the brethren there had 500 of the Old Theology Tracts, No. I., and distributed them personally to that congregation at their church doors. Those brethren preached a sermon to that congregation, from the Bible, such as could reach them in no other way so thoroughly; one that Dr. Henson’s preaching will never efface. They may not know of the results in the present life, but doubtless in the kingdom some may come to them and say, “Under God I owed my liberation from blindness and error to that hail-storm which as messengers of the truth you let fall upon that congregation, and that was my start in truth-seeking and truth-getting.”


— June, 1889 —