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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I have read with great interest Mr. Brewer’s letter to you and your reply, on the resurrection of “the rest of the dead,” published in ZION’S WATCH TOWER for March ’89.

I have given the subject deep thought and cannot help concluding that to any logical mind it should be clear that the passage in question was a comment or note made by a reader, and was not in the original text. I give you my thoughts as they came to me while studying the subject: Christ is Lord both of the dead and of the living (Rom. 14:9), hence, I conclude that the second resurrection will be his work and will take place during his Millennial reign, i.e., the first resurrection will be that of the saints immediately at Christ’s coming, and the second that of the “rest of the dead;” because to restore, or raise up, or give life will be his special work during his reign.

From the study of the Lord’s Word I conclude that his work would not be complete, if the “rest of the dead” were raised up after the thousand years, for then Christ will deliver up the kingdom to his Father perfect in every respect.—1 Cor. 15:24 and following verses.

Peter says in Acts 3:20,21: “Restitution of all things.” This implies a restoration of all things both dead and living to their original condition or state of perfection lost by Adam’s transgression, and if such is not the case the Apostle Paul’s statement in Rom. 14:9 has no meaning. We cannot for a moment suppose that Christ would deliver up the kingdom to his Father in an incomplete condition, and it certainly would be so, if he did not awaken all and give all the opportunity to be fully raised up out of death; and it would be contrary to his own words in John 5:27-29 and 11:25; and to Paul’s words in 1 Cor. 15:21,22.—Diaglott. Yours in the service of Jesus,

W. C__________.

[We think the above reasoning sound and Scriptural.—EDITOR.]


— June, 1889 —