R1031-8 Miscellaneous – In What Times We Live?

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C. H. SPURGEON in a sermon on Rev. 5:10 said: “Do you know I am a fifth monarchy man? In Cromwell’s time some said there had been four monarchies and the fifth would come and overturn every other. Well, I never wish to do as they did; but I believe with them that a fifth monarchy shall come. There have been four;—and there never shall be another until Christ shall come. … I am afraid we cannot hope for much better times until the Lord Jesus Christ comes a second time. Often do I cheer myself with the thought of His coming. … For that day do I look: it is to the bright horizon of that second coming that I turn my eyes.”

THE Protestant Churchman says: “What is the view we are to take, and the duty to which we are called? … To take the view of earth which the Lord’s word suggests, Till the glorious coming of the Saviour we may anticipate nothing but successive overturnings of men and earthly things … The history of men, in the closing period of the times of the Gentiles, is a history of warfare and revolution, until the Saviour appears in the power and majesty of His coming. Thus are we to look at the coming state of the world and men, till He appear to take the kingdom.”

“WE are living in the very age towards which all eyes have been directed as those of the closing days of the church’s conflict, as long ago as the time of Luther.”—Samuel Garratt.


— April, 1888 —