R0988-8 How To Preach To Jews

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The biographer of Mr. Leigh Richmond one day submitted to him the following question: “What is the Scriptural and right way to preach to the Jews?” “I know of no scriptural way,” he replied, “of preaching to men, otherwise than as sinners; and why the Jews, whose sins are of so aggravated a nature, should be dealt with in a different way, I do not see. I would address the Jew as I would address any other man, that is, as a sinner; and till he is convinced of his sin, he will never believe in a Saviour. ‘Christ Crucified’ is declared to be, ‘To the Greeks foolishness, and to the Jews a stumbling block; but to them that believe, the power of God and the wisdom of God.’ No man will ever feel the power of God, whether he be Jew or Gentile, till he learn it at the foot of the cross.”


— October, 1887 —