R0962-8 “The Larger Hope”

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Scene at the rooms of the American Board of Foreign Missions. Application by a missionary to go abroad and preach the gospel of the Son of God. Examination follows:

Dr. Alden—”What is your name?”

Paul—”My name is Paul.”

Dr. Alden—”How old are you?”

Paul—”About 1887 years old.”

Dr. Alden—”Your age is in your favor, but what do you believe about the future state of the heathen?”

Paul—”As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”

Dr. Alden—”I am sorry to say, sir, that, though you may be a good man and a good preacher, you are afflicted with too much hope to be a suitable missionary for the American Board.”—Christian Register.


— March, 1888 —