R0957-8 Tipton, Mo.

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Tipton, Mo

DEAR SIR:—Having a desire to do more in the Master’s service, I write to inform you how I am situated, and ask your advice as to how I could serve best. I am a woman, and obtain a livelihood as a servant at the __________ Hotel. I wait on table and make beds, and what spare time I have I use to introduce your paper and book in this town. I conclude that there is not much wheat here to gather, but every kernel must be tested; therefore I write to you for advice as to the best course to pursue. I am free, I have nothing to hold me at one place and think I could do more for the Master to take some work that would require traveling from town to town. I will soon get over this town.

On the evening of April 7th. last I commemorated the Lord’s death alone with great joy and peace. This is the second time I have commemorated, this time as a blessed privilege and understandingly, while at the first partaking I thought it a duty and did not understand its import. That was in 1870 while a member of the Christian Church. Yours in fellowship and service, M. D. V__________.

[Since the above was written, the sister has seen the plan of work suggested in May TOWER and gone heartily into the work taking orders for DAWN. As a result her first order was for fifty copies, and we doubt not, she will soon average one hundred copies per week.—EDITOR.]


— July, 1887 —