R0951-4 The New Testament Among Hebrews

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Vienna, May 13th, 1887.

“The new Testament, which was translated into Hebrew by the late Rev. Isaac Salkinson, missionary among the Jews of Vienna, of the British Jews’ Society in London, has been reprinted here in a second edition of 110,000 copies. Of this number 100,000 have been bought by the subscription of one generous Scotch donor, who requested that they might be distributed gratis among Hebrew-reading Jews all over the Continent. Two missionaries lately came from England to make a distribution from Vienna, and they have been sending copies to about 2300 Rabbis, many of whom have undertaken to circulate these Scriptures among their co-religionists. Very few have stated that they had any objection to read the New Testament.

“In connection with this movement it may be mentioned that one of the most learned and respected of Hungarian Rabbis, Dr. J. Lichtenstein, who has been 35 years Rabbi of Tapio-Szele, has lately startled his co-religionists by two pamphlets in which he affirms the divinity of Christ. The pamphlets being very ably written, have been noticed by all the leading newspapers, and have raised much controversy, for Dr. Lichtenstein professes to remain obedient to the Mosaic dispensation while recognizing that Christ was the Messiah.”

Telegram to London Times.


— July, 1887 —