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We are now prepared to fill the largest or smallest orders for Volume I of the Dawn. We have published 4,500 copies in cloth binding handsomely embossed, and we believe its outward appearance will meet your approval. And though delicate about eulogizing our own effort to set forth the glorious divine plan, we can surely say in all modesty that we believe the contents will be very interesting and very profitable to you. It presents the Plan of the Ages in a much more complete and connected manner than was possible through the TOWER. If its reading shall afford you a tithe the blessing it has been to the author it still will be rich.

Some will doubtless regret that the time proofs and treatment of Revelation are not a part of the contents of this volume, but we doubt not your judgment will concur with ours, that it is best not to try to crowd too much into one volume; that it is better to treat the subject more thoroughly than could possibly be done in one or two even large volumes. The next volume, now in course of preparation, will treat of the Times and Seasons of Scripture.

One great advantage of the present arrangement is, that if you loan the book to friends or neighbors to read, in glancing over it they will not be “choked” and “stumbled” with dates and figures, the value and necessity of which, they at first cannot see. The study of prophecy, especially time prophecies, has come to be considered the exclusive privilege of the denomination called “Second Adventists;” and their failure to apprehend the “plan” and the intended and needful office of time prophecies, as related to that plan, has made the subject odious to many. Hence it is a part of our duty to be “wise” (Matt. 10:16) and not stumble our brother with our “meat.” When vol. I. “The Plan of The Ages”—the plan of salvation,—is thoroughly digested, then, those who appreciate it, will be prepared and anxiously waiting for vol. 2, The Times and Seasons.

We quote the price of vol. I. as follows:—
One copy,………………………. $1.00
One copy and one Z.W.T. subscription, 1.25
One copy to those already subscribers, .75
Four copies and one Tower subscription, 3.00
Seven copies ” ” ” ” 5.00
Fifteen copies” ” ” ” 10.00

These prices include postage or expressage prepaid by us. In ordering see that your address is full and very plainly written. When ordering four or more copies, mention your Express office as well as your Post-office, that we may send by the least expensive way.


— August, 1886 —