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WE must not judge whether things are of God by the good or bad result, since David said that his feet had well nigh slipped in seeing the prosperity of the wicked.


EVERY act of the man inscribes itself in the memories of his fellows, and in his own manners and face. The air is full of sounds, the sky of tokens, the ground is all memoranda and signatures, and every object covered with hints, which speak to the intelligent.


THE United Presbyterian, discussing the recent elections in England, says: “England is moving on towards—we do not know what. Its democratic development is slow, yet sure; and though the church seems to be strong, its disestablishment is only a matter of time. The tendencies of the age are too strong even for British sturdiness, reinforced by all the power of sacred traditions, and the old things must pass away to make room for the new.”


— March, 1886 —