R0833-8 Miscellaneous – The Hour Of Suffering

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THERE are no times in life when opportunity, the chance to be and do gathers so richly about the soul as when it has to suffer. Then everything depends on whether the man turns to the lower or higher helps. If he resorts to mere expedients and tricks, the opportunity is lost. He comes out no richer nor greater; nay, he comes out harder, poorer, smaller for his pain. But if he turns to God, the hour of suffering is the turning hour of his life. Opportunity opens before him as the ocean opens before one who sails out of a river. Men have done the best and worst, the noblest and the basest things the world has seen, under the pressure of excessive pain. Everything depended on whether they looked to the depths or to the hills for help.—Phillip Brooks.


— February, 1886 —