R0832-8 Miscellaneous – Prayer And Offering

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THE venerable Mr. Sewall, of Maine, once entered a meeting in behalf of foreign missions, just as the collectors of the contributions were resuming their seats. The chairman of the meeting requested him to lead in prayer. The old gentleman stood, hesitatingly, as if he had not heard the request. It was repeated in a louder voice, but there was no response. It was observed, however, that Mr. Sewall was fumbling in his pockets, and presently he produced a piece of money, which he deposited in the contribution box. The chairman thinking he had not been understood, said loudly, “I didn’t ask you to give Mr. Sewall, I asked you to pray.” “O, yes,” he replied, “I heard you, but I can’t pray till I have given something.”—Sel.


— February, 1886 —