R0814-8 Knowledge Leads To Freedom

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“The force of education is making itself felt in all European countries, and in the old way, too, of producing commotions and turbulence. Wherever it appears it turns the world upside down. In France it has changed the whole complexion of the national politics. In Belgium it has excited active and tumultuous interest. In Russia it has led to violence characteristic of that country, and we read that in Spain it is giving warning to the clericals that their reign must soon come to an end. The tremendous movement that is in progress in England also, a movement that under any other man almost than Gladstone would be a revolution, is due to the fact that the peasantry are getting the benefit of schools and other means of intelligence and training. In a way that is similar, and yet different, the same result is being reached in heathen countries under the operation of Christian missions.”—United Presbyterian.

We are glad that our neighbor is getting its eyes open on this subject. It should notice also, that education and thought are breaking the fetters of fear, which have so long kept many in the nominal Churches. Some are coming to recognize the real Church whose names are in heaven, and to approach the liberty wherewith Christ hath made them free, while others, deceived by the creeds are discarding the teaching of the Bible totally and becoming so-called Rational Christians, really Unbelievers.


— December, 1885 —