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Lamar County, Texas, March 30th, 1885.

BROTHER C. T. RUSSELL:—Please send me a few copies of your “Food for Thinking Christians,” also a few copies of the TOWER for free distribution. My own number of the TOWER comes regularly and is read with interest by myself and wife, and then carried from one neighbor’s house to another till I lose track of them entirely: but they shed light enough in every household that they pass through to awaken an interest in the minds of the readers—enough at least to make them search the Scriptures to see whether these things are so. Several have called on me for the pamphlet entitled “Food for Thinking Christians,” and also the “Tabernacle.” I think I will be able to send you some subscriptions soon.

Your brother in the one hope.



Manchester, Mass., May 19, 1885.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I herewith send two dollars for the WATCH TOWER; I cannot afford to go without it. It is about all the teacher I have. There are none in this place that believe with me. I was brought up a Roman Catholic. The dear Lord enlightened my mind and I joined the Baptist Church; but the light grew brighter and I had to come out of the churches or stop growing in grace and knowledge of the truth. I praise God that he has enabled me to follow him, and now I have Catholics and Protestants alike mine enemies, but I realize that he that is for me is more than all them that are against me; and like Paul, I rejoice that he has counted me worthy to suffer with him. The TOWER has been a great comfort to me, and I try to have others read them. The word of the Lord will accomplish that whereunto it was sent, and his servants will obey his commandments and do his will.

If you have any tracts that would enlighten those bound by the creeds, yet striving to serve God, if you send a few, I will use them prudently and be very thankful. Yours in the Lord.



Springfield, Mass.

BROTHER RUSSELL, Dear Sir:—I have just received this month’s TOWER. Please let my subscription commence with this year. I do not want to lose the reading of any. I feel like one just waking out of sound sleep, dazed and bewildered, and yet feeling that I am really waking up to the truth.

Yours, etc., __________.


Canton, Ills.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL.—We, that is wife and I, have become so much attached to the Watch Tower that we cannot give it up now. I know not how you got my name, or how it came to us. It came as a light to our minds clearing away the mists of creeds and enables us to see the truths of the Bible in a clearer light. We are still reading and comparing scripture with scripture. We have the privilege of reading the WATCH TOWER “Food” and “Tabernacle,” and the chart, and think that through a full consecration and an earnest search after truth, all will be made plainer still. We hope before long to be able to help advance the interests of the work.

Yours in Christ. __________.


— June, 1885 —