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The following epistle it is claimed was taken by Napoleon from the records of Rome, when he deprived that city of so many valuable manuscripts. It purports to have been written at the time and on the spot where Jesus commenced his ministry, by Publius Lentelus, governor of Judea, to the senate at Rome—Caesar, Emperor. It was the custom in those days for the governor to write home any event of importance transpiring during his term of office.

“Conscript Fathers:—There appeared, in these our days, a man named Jesus Christ, who is yet living among us, and, of the Gentiles, is accepted as a prophet of great truth; but his own disciples call him the son of God. He hath raised the dead, and cured all manner of diseases. He is a man of stature somewhat tall and comely; with a very ruddy countenance, such as the beholder may both love and fear. His hair is of the color of the filbert when fully ripe, plain to his ear, whence downward, it is of more oriental color, curling and waving on his shoulders. In the middle of his head there is a seam of long hair, after the manner of the Nazarites. His forehead is plain and delicate; his face, without spot or wrinkle, beautiful, with a comely red; his nose and mouth are exactly formed; his beard is the color of his hair, and thick; not of any length, but forked. In reproving he is terrible; in admonishing courteous; in speaking, very modest and wise; in proportion of body, well shaped. None have seen him laugh, many have seen him weep. A man for his surpassing beauty excelling the children of men.”


— December, 1884 —