R0684-2 Miscellaneous – Holy Courage

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HOLY COURAGE.—Holy courage characterizes every true life. The possessor of this life looks at the right, and says, “With God’s help I will do it.” He never for a moment asks himself the question, “Will it affect my material interests?” but only, “Is it right?” If the reply to this question is “Yes,” he moves right on in the sacred path of duty, though it leads through a “burning, fiery furnace,” or a lion’s den. The frowns of friends, or the threats of foes move him not. His position is taken, and from it he will not be driven. When he approaches the portals of the tomb, he exclaims, “I have fought a good fight”; and when he is lowered into the grave, the very remembrance of his heroism calls forth the word, “There he lies who never feared the face of man.” Such are the men who triumph over every foe, and are more than conquerors through him that loved us.—Sel.


— November, 1884 —