R0677-8 Poem: In God I Have Found A Retreat

::R0677 : page 8::

“In God I have found a retreat,
Where I can securely abide;
No refuge, nor rest so complete,
And here I intend to reside,

I dread not the terror by night,
No sorrow can harm me by day;
His shadow has covered me quite,
My fears He has driven away.

The pestilence walking about,
When darkness has settled abroad,
Can never compel me to doubt
The presence and pow’r of our Lord.

The wasting destruction at noon,
No fearful foreboding can bring;
With Jesus, my soul doth commune,
His perfect salvation I sing.

A thousand may fall at my side,
Ten thousand at my right hand;
Above me His wings are spread wide,
Beneath them in safety I stand.

His truth is my buckler and shield;
His love He hath set upon me;
His name in my heart He hath sealed;
E’en now His salvation I see.”

“Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried he shall receive a crown of life.”


— October, 1884 —