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AFFLICTIONS are the rough touches and hard rubs that we get to polish us for use, and for shining.


“COMING to the Saviour we need not fear to place our hand of faith in His hand of power, for He is able and willing to lead from darkness into the marvelous light of love and grace.”


“AS THE sunlight tints the flower and colors the rock; as it alternately sparkles in the dew-drop and shines in the broad ocean; so the true religious spirit should be present in the humblest bargain and the lowliest acts of life as much as in the great songs of Hebrew bards and the profound teachings of Paul.”


“THE sentiment that it matters not what a man believes, so that he is sincere, is as unscriptural as it is absurd. Sincerity in belief has no more effect in warding off evil in the spiritual than in the natural kingdom. If the teachings and persuasions of a reputed chemist should prevail on you to believe that arsenic is harmless, would it therefore be harmless? Could you mix it with your bread, and eat it without injury. Oh, no; neither will the sincerity of your belief save you from the consequences of error in religious faith. Right belief—truth, God’s truth, my brethren, is the only foundation on which you can safely rest your hopes.”


— August, 1884 —