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FRIEND C. T. RUSSELL:—I have received the WATCH TOWER and the TABERNACLE which you sent me, and have gained more information from them than from all I have ever read before. I have been quite a Bible student; but very much of it was a sealed book to me. But since I have read the TOWER and your tracts, those very much perplexed questions are clear. Now I wonder why I did not see it before.

Since I have read Z.W.T. works, I have introduced some of the ideas gained therefrom into our Bible class, and it has produced a startling effect, and it has caused many to search the word of God. The doctrine is new, yet many are very much interested; but some few think it is heresy. I once preached what I supposed to be the Word of God, but I find that I did not understand the book then. I had not a proper idea of the plan of salvation. But thanks be to God, I begin to see its beauty and harmony. What was meaningless to me once, now prove to be a jewel of the rarest beauty and value. I cannot help thinking how blind the churches are; even the educated will not believe. I thank God for the light he has granted to me. I now see the truth of the expression, “God so loved the world,” etc. I would be very much pleased to read your “Food for Thinking Christians,” and I think that if it is equal to your WATCH TOWER it will prove a power to convince very many that are now in the wilderness of error.

Yours in hope of eternal life.

Moulton, Iowa, March 1, 1884.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—I was buying some notions of a peddler, the other day, and they were wrapped with ZION’S WATCH TOWER. Wife and I took a liking to the wrapper—it has the right ring. Enclosed you will find our subscription. Please send the WATCH TOWER. From an old soldier—both spiritual and temporal, and if the TOWER don’t slack its hold on the truth, you will hear from me again.

Yours in Christ. __________.

Crawford Co., Kansas.

DEAR BROTHER:—We have the privilege of sending you a little mite for the Lord’s work, hoping that God will bless it to the feeding of other hungry souls as we have been fed. The question has been asked, How much will you give? For our part we can give but little, only ourselves to the Lord, and then one another, but if the question were reversed—What would you take? it would be unanswerable. We would not exchange what we have learned for the world. We are not public speakers, but we tell the glad tidings to those around us, if it is only to one person at a time. Though we meet with persecution on the right hand and on the left, the Lord gives us more strength and boldness to stand up for his Word. I think we could use some extra papers, will you please send us some. Yours truly in Christ, __________.

Glasgow, Scotland, May 21, 1884.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I send along with this letter my subscription for Z.W.T. The brethren and sisters in Glasgow met in my house on the evening of April 8th to celebrate the Passover; there were present altogether seven, and we had an evening precious to me, and I think they all could say the same. We thought of the upper room in Jerusalem, where our Lord met with his disciples, and the words he spoke to them. We also read the TOWER’S comments on the supper, and sang a hymn altogether. I have two new subscribers for the TOWER, to send along with mine. Yours in Christ, __________.

Harper, C. Palmas, Liberia,
April 29, 1884.

DEAR BROTHER:—Having accidentally met with the little pamphlet published by you, entitled “Food for Thinking Christians,” and having carefully read it more than once, I am deeply interested in it, believing I get through it a clearer and more correct knowledge of the teaching of God’s holy word than I ever had before. I am constrained to avail myself of your very liberal offer, and ask you to send to my address some copies for distribution among some of my friends and neighbors, who I think will make a judicious and profitable use of them. I should be also very thankful for a few of the tracts, entitled “The Tabernacle and Its Teachings.” Wishing you abundant success in your efforts for the good of mankind, I beg to remain, with assurance of high esteem, yours very respectfully, __________.

Washington Co., Ark., May 28, 1884.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—It is with pleasure I write you these lines, to let you know how much I appreciate the new (?) teaching. I have read several copies of the Z.W.T., the Tabernacle Teachings and the Food for Thinking Christians, and I am glad to say that they are the best expositions of the Teachings of the Spirit I ever met with. Surely, the Lord is with you, for this is the Lord’s doings, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Thanks be to God for this unspeakable gift. I am a teacher in the Christian Church at present, but a sincere lover of Bible truth, and am willing to forsake all for it. And for this purpose I write you these few lines: I want to know the truth, and nothing but the truth. I am an invalid, and as for this world’s goods is concerned may not be able to compensate you, but will endeavor to make the best use of myself for the Master. I am, your brother in the one hope, __________.

A Brother writing from Kentucky, says:

Your sample copies of Z.W.T. have come to hand, and I like it well, so far. You will please find enclosed my subscription.

I have shown your paper; some like it and some don’t; some say Infidel and some say Universalist, but I want to try it one year, if no more. I have been asked what denomination you belong to, and I tell them I can’t tell by reading your paper; they must read and judge for themselves. I want you to send me your articles of faith, so they can all see who you are. As for myself, I think the TOWER explains the Scriptures more fully than any thing I ever read before.

Yours very truly, __________.


Such testimony as the above has brought joy and comfort many times, when other circumstances conspired to discourage our efforts. And we thank God that human imperfection can stand unseen behind his truth and hold it up for the comfort and blessing of his dear children.

These words of our brother remind us of the words of another under similar circumstances. “Whether this man be a sinner or no I know not, but one thing I know, that whereas once I was blind, now I see.” Our articles of faith are found in the Word of God. If you would know them, we invite you to study it with us. Whatever we can find taught therein we believe.


ADVERSITY is the trial of principle. Without it a man can hardly know whether he is honest or not.


— June, 1884 —