R0598-3 Poem: The Day Is At Hand

::R0598 : page 3::


Poor, fainting spirit, still hold on thy way—
The dawn is near!
True, thou art weary; but yon brighter ray
Becomes more clear.
Bear up a little longer; wait for rest:
Yield not to slumber, though with toil oppressed.

The night of life is mournful, but look on—
The dawn is near!
Soon will earth’s shadowy scenes and forms be gone;
Yield not to fear!
The mountain’s summit will, ere long, be gained,
And the bright world of joy and peace attained.

“Joyful through hope,” thy motto still must be—
The dawn is near!
What glories will that dawn unfold to thee!
Be of good cheer!
Gird up thy loins; bind sandals on thy feet:
The way is dark and long; the end is sweet.


— March, 1884 —