R0586-3 Poem: Wrath

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The wrath of God is love’s severity
In curing sin—the zeal of righteousness
In overcoming wrong—the remedy
Of justice for the world’s redress.

The wrath of God is punishment for sin,
In measure unto all transgression due,
Discriminating well and just between
Presumptuous sins and sins of lighter hue.

The wrath of God inflicts no needless pain,
Merely vindictive or himself to please;
But aims the ends of mercy to attain,
Uproot the evil, and the good increase.

The wrath of God is a consuming fire,
That burns while there is evil to destroy
Or good to purify; nor can expire
Till all things are redeemed from sin’s alloy.

The wrath of God is love’s parental rod,
The disobedient to chastise, subdue
And bend submissive to the will of God
That love may reign when all things are made new.

The wrath of God shall never strike in vain,
Nor cease to strike till sin shall be no more,
Till God his gracious purpose shall attain,
And earth to righteousness and peace restore.
F. G. Wilson.


— February, 1884 —