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Watch Tower




101 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa.


C. T. RUSSELL, Editor and Publisher


The Editor recognizes a responsibility to the Master, relative to what shall appear in these columns, which he can not and does not cast aside; yet he should not be understood as endorsing every expression of correspondents, or of articles selected from other periodicals.



TERMS:—Fifty cents a year, postage prepaid. You may send paper-money or three cent stamps to the amount of two dollars by mail at our risk. Larger amounts by Check, P.O. Money Order or Registered Letter, payable to




Foreign Postage being higher, our terms to foreign subscribers will be sixty-five cents a year. Please send us no foreign money or postage stamps, as we can make no use of them. Remittances may be made by Postal Money Orders.

N.B.—This paper will be sent free to any of the Lord’s poor who will send a card yearly requesting it.



Inasmuch as this number of ZION’S WATCH TOWER will go to each of the ninety thousand Sunday School Superintendents of all denominations in the United States, it is proper for us to introduce our paper to them specially.

The special mission of ZION’S WATCH TOWER is to clearly and forcibly elucidate and present truth on all religious topics, without fear or favor of any except our heavenly Master. It is strictly unsectarian and follows no formulated creed. Its method—comparing Scripture with Scripture, we believe to be the correct one for the elucidation of truth. Thus getting God’s own explanation of His will and plan, we realize that

“God is his own interpreter,
And He will make it plain.”

While desirous of the esteem and fellowship of every child of God and loath to offend any, we yet stand ready to offend all, if a clear and forcible presentation of any Scriptural teaching shall have that effect. We discuss all Bible doctrines, not shunning the most abstruse—an uncommon thing among Christian journals. This feature makes our paper valuable to Sunday School Superintendents and Bible teachers, and advanced Bible scholars, in this day when infidelity is challenging nearly every doctrine held by the churches. Surely there never was a time when an open and fearless examination of every point of doctrine was so much more needed than practiced. An intelligent understanding of Scripture was never more necessary than now.

We desire to assist in this great work, and with others to raise up the standard of truth against error in every form. We make no claim to defend every theory and creed of Christendom—this would be impossible, since many of them contradict each other—but we endeavor to draw direct from Scripture its uncolored and unbiased teaching on all questions. Believing that the true basis of Christian Union is a correct understanding of God’s Word, rather than an ignoring of differences, we seek for this.

This sample copy is sent you in order that if desired, it may be one of your assistants in seeking for Scriptural truths. We will send it on trial.


to all Sunday School Superintendents, teachers and Bible scholars. We therefore invite you to send in your names at once.


— October And November, 1882 —