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A sister writes that she did not like the application of the parable of the “wedding garment” in our last issue. To this sister and to any others who may feel so we wish to say, that the fulfillment of the parable referred to, seemed so marked and complete in every particular that we felt it to be our duty to call attention to it. Of all the parables which Jesus uttered is it not true, “I have told you before it come to pass that when it is come to pass ye might believe.” We have looked for years for a fulfillment of this parable the only one for which we had no satisfactory solution to offer. Now, we see it fulfilled in every particular—the laying aside of the robe of Christ’s righteousness, and the foretold going into outer darkness denying the presence and all of the prophetic light which proves it.

Notice too the time—just when the virgins are “going in to the wedding.” Some already have been for some time in the guest chamber believing that the Bridegroom is present and are preparing their robes and waiting for the union. Tell us when else, or how else could it be fulfilled, if you can think of any other way and time?

The WATCH TOWER desires to be a faithful servant of God and of “the household of faith.” “Who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his Lord hath made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season. Blessed is that servant whom his Lord when he [Elthon]—has come—shall find so doing.” Matt. 24:46.

(An exegesis of this scripture given in tract called “The object and manner of our Lord’s return,” pages 52 and 53—which see.) If our words were severe they were lovingly so, for we sought by calling attention to the outer-darkness of the parable to keep some from going blindly into it.

Does not the thought of the fulfillment of this last to be fulfilled parable seem to bring us down very close to the time when the last wise virgin may come into the light, the door to the “high-calling” to be shut, the union, or marriage of bridegroom and bride be accomplished by our being changed from natural to spiritual bodies like unto Christ’s glorious body, that being like Him we may see Him as He is? Oh glorious hope! The “chaste Virgin church”—”little flock” is said to “make herself ready.” Are you seeing to it that the robe of Christ’s righteousness is clean and white “unspotted from the world.” “Without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing?” and are you doing all you can to help others to the same condition of readiness? This is the will of God concerning you.


— September, 1880 —